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Expert Medical Writing Services for Engaging Healthcare Communications

I can work on the full range of MedComms materials, all customised to suit the specific requirements of each individual client and assignment. I also have a thorough understanding of regulatory guidelines which ensures all my content is compliant.



Leveraging my expertise in creating engaging, informative, and accessible content, I deliver compelling digital solutions that resonate with healthcare professionals and patients alike.


  • HCP and patient websites: Creating websites tailored to healthcare professionals and patients

  • Microsites: Writing small, auxiliary websites that function separately from a company's main website

  • Medscape InfoSites: Creating sites hosted on the Medscape platform

  • Web banners

  • Chatbots

Social media​

  • Twitter, LinkedIn and Yammer posts: Writing and managing posts for various social media platforms

  • Blog articles

Email marketing

  • Targeted email marketing: Crafting personalised email campaigns for specific audiences

  • Veeva email fragments, mass emails, RTEs: Creating and managing various forms of email content

Mobile apps

  • iPad apps: Writing healthcare-focused applications for iPads


  • SEO, metadata: Optimising websites and content for better visibility on search engines



Empower your sales teams with compelling and interactive sales aids. My expertise lies in creating visually engaging and scientifically accurate materials that convey complex medical information in a clear, concise manner, serving as an invaluable tool in the hands of your sales representatives.

Interactive visual aids

Crafting engaging sales aids that communicate compelling stories.

Self-guided eDetails

Providing a self-paced learning experience with engaging online content.


Leave-behind materials for customers that reinforce your message after a rep visit.

Patient case studies

Crafting engaging case studies to illustrate patient experiences and outcomes.


Comprehensive guides outlining your strategies and plans.

Data visualisation

Bringing disease burden and clinical trial data to life with infographics.



Bridge the gap between complex medical knowledge and practical application with tailored medical education content. I specialise in developing comprehensive and easy-to-understand materials, ranging from ad boards to eLearning platforms, that effectively communicate crucial information to healthcare professionals, patients, and other key stakeholders.

Ad boards

Developing speaker decks, showfiles and summary reports for scientific and promotional advisory board meetings with key thought leaders.

MSL traning

Providing training materials tailored for Medical Science Liaisons.

Symposia content development

Creating informative and engaging interactive booth content for conferences, including self-guided touchscreens.

Training manuals

Developing comprehensive guides for efficient and effective training.

Distance and eLearning

Providing interactive online learning experiences.

KOL mapping

Identifying and understanding the influence of Key Opinion Leaders in specific therapy areas.


Creating effective onboarding materials for new hires.


Designing and delivering interactive learning experiences in workshop settings.



Clear communication is the cornerstone of patient care. We specialise in crafting patient-centric materials that empower patients to take control of their health. Our materials are designed to resonate with patients, fostering engagement and encouraging proactive health management. Let's work together to bridge the gap between medical knowledge and patient awareness, one clear message at a time.

Patient brochures

Creating patient materials that are not only informative but also engaging and easy to understand, ensuring that complex medical information is made accessible to patients of all backgrounds.

Patient websites

Designing patient-centric websites, offering clear, concise, and empathetic content that helps patients navigate their healthcare journey with confidence and understanding.

Interactive apps

Delivers innovative interactive apps tailored for patients, enhancing their engagement and understanding of medical information through user-friendly, interactive digital experiences.

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