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AI Tools

Simplify medical writing and healthcare communication by automating tasks
such as verifying promotional claims and translating complex medical jargon.

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✔ Ensure medical claims align with the ABPI Code
✔ Provides feedback on code compliance and violations
✔ Ideal for medical writers
✔ Simple to use


ABPI Compliance Checker

Medical Writing Workflow

Optimise, simplify and perfect your medical writing with these AI tools

Streamline your medical writing process with this step-by-step workflow. Enhance readability, ensure regulatory adherence, and create effective, accessible medical documents with ease.

Click on a tool to find out more:

 AI Tooklit

7 Essential AI Tools for Medical Writers


Boost your medical writing skills with these free resources. First, get a complete QC checklist. Then, access an in-depth medical glossary. Finally, learn how to interpret P values and effectively visualise data.


QC Checklist

Quality control (QC) checklist for medical writers and proofreaders.


Medical Glossary

Glossary of commonly used medical acronyms and abbreviations. 


Understanding P Values

A presentation on what p values are and how to interpret them.

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Visualising Data

A presentation on turning medical data in captivating stories.


How I Work

My typical work process: from copy brief to approved artwork.


Medical Writing Journal Club

Discussions of selected papers in the field of medical writing and gen AI.​

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