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AI Prompt Library

Essential AI prompts and tips for medical writers
to optimise workflow and increase efficiency

Quickly define and add abbreviations
to slides
  • Capture a slide screenshot

  • Upload image to ChatGPT-4, Gemini, or Copliot

  • Type this prompt: "Spell out any acronyms in the attached image and list the acronym followed by the spelled-out version in lower case format. Place the pairs of acronyms and spelled out versions in a single line, in alphabetical order, separated with semicolons and commas, as shown in the following example format: AD, Alzheimer's disease; CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; MCI, mild cognitive impairment.

  • Review output, make any adjustments.

  • Copy-paste to slide footnotes.

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Summarise slide decks
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  • Type this prompt: "Summarise the key points of this slide deck."

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