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Harnessing Modular Content in Pharma Marketing

Omnichannel marketing in pharma is all about generating engaging, concise, and compliant content for your audience. However, given the necessary code constraints in pharma advertising, this is not always a straightforward task.

Enter modular content – a new approach that is changing the way we create and manage content.

Modular content involves using pre-approved content blocks or modules to construct marketing assets. Each module is a self-contained narrative, comprising all essential elements like texts, images, references, and logos. Moreover, every module is controlled by specified rules that outline its use and placement, which ensures seamless adaptability across various channels.

Modular content

What are the benefits of modular content in pharma marketing?

1. Speed: Bypass the time-consuming process of crafting content from scratch with ready-to-use modules, significantly accelerating asset creation.

2. Simplified MLR: Streamline approval by having MLR review modules on a one-off basis instead of revisiting multiple assets with identical messages.

3. Amplify Content: Increase both the volume and variety of content by combining modules in different ways across channels.

4. Omnichannel Implementation: Use the same modules for eDetailing, email campaigns, social media, webinars, and more.

5. Improve Quality: Enhance the consistency and quality of your content using pre-approved modules that adhere to brand guidelines and are code-compliant.

6. Team Empowerment: Enable brand, marketing, and sales teams to create their own assets by selecting modules from a content library.

Implementing modular content requires a clear vision, a detailed plan, and a change in management process. Defining the processes for creating, approving, localising, and assembling modules is key. Moreover, having the right technological tools like a digital asset management (DAM) solution such as Veeva Vault is vital to support the modular content framework.

As an increasing number of pharma companies are set to role out modular content, it's vital that we embrace this new approach.

If you need help developing modular content for your brand, reach out to MedCopywriter.


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